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Cloud VPS Hosting

  • Build a Private Cloud Server (Cloud VPS) in Minutes – via Parallels® Cloud Server
  • Parallels® Container or Hypervisor – Linux or Windows on ultra-fast SSD Cloud Storage
  • Parallels® Plesk Panel; SmarterBundle; Adobe® ColdFusion; and much more...

Cloud Without Complexity – ViUX® Cloud VPS Container or Hypervisor...

Reporting CLOSE

Who? What? When? Where? How? – Having such questions about your Websites and its visitors, and not being able to answer them, can be detrimental to your business success. ViUX® Cloud Hosting features full Website Log File Reporting via: SmarterStats (Windows); AWStats; Webalizer; Google Analytics; and other tools – so you'll always have the answers.

24 / 7 Support CLOSE
24 / 7 Support

Cloud Hosting service without SUPPORT is NOT much of a service... ViUX® Cloud Hosting features 24 / 7 / 365 Support via Live Chat; Email / Ticket; & Toll-Free Phone. All tickets feature a 1-Hour Response SLA from our staff of EXPERT Hosting Support Technicians.

Security CLOSE

Security is paramount to protect you * ... Not just protection from annoying SPAM, but also protection from Email VIRUSES via Cyren® Premium Antispam & Zero-Hour Antivirus (SmarterMail) or Parallels® Premium Antivirus & MagicSpam® (Postfix); keeping your Email content PRIVATE with SSL/TLS Encryption; protecting your Website from HACKERS with FortiGate® Firewalls & FortiGuard®, Symantec® EndPoint Protection, Applicure® DotDefender, SiteLock®, and CloudFlare®... ViUX® Cloud Hosting provides a level of protection from all such hazards (and more) to let you focus on running your business.

* Security features may vary | Some features are optional add-ons.

Secure File Sharing CLOSE
Secure File Sharing

Who needs Drop Box? ViUX® Cloud Hosting offers two File Sharing options... Parallels® Plesk Panel provides a File Sharing function, including the ability to Share Files directly from your local computer using a Shared Folder. Further, SmarterMail Enterprise provides an Email based File Sharing function – giving you two options to Share Files both SECURELY and PRIVATELY.

1-Click Applications CLOSE
1-Click Applications

WordPress; Drupal; Joomla; DNN – these and many other popular Web Applications can be installed into your Website(s) easily via the 1-Click Applications install function of Parallels® Plesk Panel. Further, ViUX® can make the entire Application Packaging Standard (APS Catalog) of Web Applications available to install as 1-Click Applications from within Plesk!

Web Presence Builder CLOSE
Web Presence Builder

ViUX® Cloud Hosting offers Parallels® Web Presence Builder within Parallels® Plesk Panel – which instantly creates a ready-to-publish Website for your Business! Start near the finish line using one of thousands of Professional Template Designs for your Business Website. Simple drag-and-drop interface... add an Online Store; Facebook and other Social Media Modules; Site Search; Web Analytics; and much more!

SmarterMail CLOSE

ViUX® Cloud Hosting offers the latest version of SmarterMail with optional MS-Exchange ActiveSync and Cyren® Premium Antispam & Zero-Hour Antivirus. SmarterMail delivers Exchange-level Email service with powerful features like: Instant Messaging; File Sharing; Events & Notifications; Message Archiving; Synchronization with MS-Outlook and Smartphones / Tablets; and much more!

Plesk Panel CLOSE
Plesk Panel

ViUX® Cloud Hosting offers Parallels® Plesk Panel, which provides a Web Interface by which to control all aspects of Websites and Web Services, including: Databases and Email; as well as, Parallels® Web Presence Builder – to create a Website online in minutes, using any one of hundreds of professional Website Templates.

SSD Cloud Storage CLOSE
SSD Cloud Storage

ViUX® Cloud Hosting is based upon Parallels® Cloud Server (PCS) & ultra-fast SSD Cloud Storage running on Dell Cloud Series (C6220) Servers. Parallels® Cloud Storage (VIDEO) works by pooling all disk drives within each Dell C6220 Server Node into a single large Cloud Storage Cluster with 3-times replication of data – for Reliability, Dynamic Scalability, Failover & Load-Balanced / High-Performance Cloud Hosting.

Sitelock Website Security Solutions CLOSE
Sitelock Website Security Solutions
    Guaranteed [Memory] CLOSE
    Guaranteed [Memory]

    Memory is the primary determining factor of server performance – even more important than CPU... more Memory is better performance. This is the default (base) amount of Guaranteed Memory allocated to the Cloud VPS; however this guaranteed amount can be increased on the server configuration page, for an additional fee. Cloud VPS Memory is also a burstable resource – which means that when under peak load, the server is able to temporarily "burst" above the guaranteed amount to maintain server stability. | Upgrade Price: $10.24 per 512MB ($0.02 per MB).

    [CPU] Power CLOSE
    [CPU] Power

    CPU is the amount of processing power (GHz / Units) for the Cloud VPS... more CPU is better performance. It is second only to Memory as a determining factor of server performance. This is a burstable resource... here you set the guaranteed amount. | Upgrade Price: $10 per 0.50 Ghz.

    SSD Cloud Storage [Diskspace] CLOSE
    SSD Cloud Storage [Diskspace]

    Diskspace is the amount of usable SSD Cloud Storage available on the main (C:) Drive of the server for all: Files / Folders; Emails; Databases; Logs, etc... starting at 20GB (Container) or 40GB (Hypervisor) and can be increased up to 300GB (Container) or 1TB (Hypervisor) as more space is needed. ViUX® maintains 3-times replication in the SSD Cloud Storage Cluster for high availability failover, so the actual Diskspace consumption is triple this amount. | Upgrade Price: $0.75 per GB.

    Traffic (Data Transfer / Bandwidth) CLOSE
    Traffic (Data Transfer / Bandwidth)

    TRAFFIC – The amount of monthly Traffic (i.e. Data Transfer / Bandwidth) provided for all Websites and Web Services Hosted within the subscription. Every Website visitor and every Email sent or received results in some amount of Traffic. ViUX® provides "UNLIMITED" Traffic for our Cloud Hosting, which means that we do not impose a limit on the total amount of Traffic used by the Website(s) or Email; however there is a practical limit to the total amount of simultaneous data that can be handled by a Cloud Server's Virtual-NIC Card as generated by (X) number of Websites and Web Services Hosted on that server. Therefore if it is known that a Website will have Ultra-High Traffic needs, we highly recommend Hosting on a Dynamic Dedicated Server.

    Linux CLOSE

    Linux (64-Bit)  –  Web Server: Apache; Application Servers: PHP, Perl, Java, & Ruby on Rails; Database Server: MySQL. Best for Applications written for "LAMP" Servers. | Regular Price: $15/mo as Container (1GB Memory & 20GB Diskspace) | $60/mo as Hypervisor (2GB Memory & 40GB Diskspace) | Includes Optional: Parallels® Plesk Panel & Web Presence Builder.

    Windows CLOSE

    Windows (64-Bit)  –  Web Server: IIS; Application Servers: PHP, Perl, Java, ASP & ASP.NET; Database Server: MySQL & MS-SQL | Regular Price: $30/mo as Container (1GB Memory & 20GB Diskspace) | $100/mo as Hypervisor (2GB Memory & 40GB Diskspace) | Includes Optional: Parallels® Plesk Panel & Web Presence Builder.

    Parallels® Containers CLOSE
    Parallels® Containers

    A Cloud VPS [Container] is based upon the concept of Operating System (OS) Virtualization, allowing a single OS install to support multiple isolated Virtual Environments. These are called "Containers", which look and work just like a real server from the prospective of the owner (YOU) and your users. The diagram (at right) shows how this looks from the Host Server.

    Parallels® Hypervisors CLOSE
    Parallels® Hypervisors

    A Cloud VPS [Hypervisor] is based upon the concept of Hardware Virtualization, which functions at the hardware level to create a duplicate of all system resources, including the: Operating System (OS); CPU; Memory; Configuration Files; etc... within each Virtual Machine. The diagram (at right) shows what a Hypervisor based system looks like from the Host Server. A Virtual Machine is BETTER than a Dedicated Server, as the resources are both guaranteed and burstable – plus more OS control than a [Container].


      ViUX Cloud VPS Container

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      Cloud VPS

      Parallels® Containers...

      • Operating System (OS) Virtualization
      • Perfect for most Private Server needs
      • We handle OS updates on your behalf

      Parallels® Hypervisors...

      • Hardware Virtualization
      • Better than a Dedicated Server
      • We (or YOU) handle OS updates

      ViUX Cloud VPS Hypervisor

      • Choose Platform
      • Price/mo
      • Cloud VPS
      • New to Hosting?
      • SiteLock Security
      • CloudFlare Performance
      Need Help? Chat Live or Submit a Ticket!

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