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Dedicated Servers

  • Business Critical Dynamic Dedicated Servers... Power, Flexibility & Control!
  • Parallels® Containers or Hypervisors – Custom Virtual Dedicated Servers
  • Parallels® Virtual Automation – Control from any device, anywhere, anytime
Reporting CLOSE

Who? What? When? Where? How? – Having such questions about your Websites and its visitors, and not being able to answer them, can be detrimental to your business success. ViUX® Cloud Hosting features full Website Log File Reporting via: SmarterStats (Windows); AWStats; Webalizer; Google Analytics; and other tools – so you'll always have the answers.

24 / 7 Support CLOSE
24 / 7 Support

Cloud Hosting service without SUPPORT is NOT much of a service... ViUX® Cloud Hosting features 24 / 7 / 365 Support via Live Chat; Email / Ticket; & Toll-Free Phone. All tickets feature a 1-Hour Response SLA from our staff of EXPERT Hosting Support Technicians.

Security CLOSE

Security is paramount to protect you * ... Not just protection from annoying SPAM, but also protection from Email VIRUSES via Cyren® Premium Antispam & Zero-Hour Antivirus (SmarterMail) or Parallels® Premium Antivirus & MagicSpam® (Postfix); keeping your Email content PRIVATE with SSL/TLS Encryption; protecting your Website from HACKERS with FortiGate® Firewalls & FortiGuard®, Symantec® EndPoint Protection, Applicure® DotDefender, SiteLock®, and CloudFlare®... ViUX® Cloud Hosting provides a level of protection from all such hazards (and more) to let you focus on running your business.

* Security features may vary | Some features are optional add-ons.

Secure File Sharing CLOSE
Secure File Sharing

Who needs Drop Box? ViUX® Cloud Hosting offers two File Sharing options... Parallels® Plesk Panel provides a File Sharing function, including the ability to Share Files directly from your local computer using a Shared Folder. Further, SmarterMail Enterprise provides an Email based File Sharing function – giving you two options to Share Files both SECURELY and PRIVATELY.

1-Click Applications CLOSE
1-Click Applications

WordPress; Drupal; Joomla; DNN – these and many other popular Web Applications can be installed into your Website(s) easily via the 1-Click Applications install function of Parallels® Plesk Panel. Further, ViUX® can make the entire Application Packaging Standard (APS Catalog) of Web Applications available to install as 1-Click Applications from within Plesk!

Web Presence Builder CLOSE
Web Presence Builder

ViUX® Cloud Hosting offers Parallels® Web Presence Builder within Parallels® Plesk Panel – which instantly creates a ready-to-publish Website for your Business! Start near the finish line using one of thousands of Professional Template Designs for your Business Website. Simple drag-and-drop interface... add an Online Store; Facebook and other Social Media Modules; Site Search; Web Analytics; and much more!

SmarterMail CLOSE

ViUX® Cloud Hosting offers the latest version of SmarterMail with optional MS-Exchange ActiveSync and Cyren® Premium Antispam & Zero-Hour Antivirus. SmarterMail delivers Exchange-level Email service with powerful features like: Instant Messaging; File Sharing; Events & Notifications; Message Archiving; Synchronization with MS-Outlook and Smartphones / Tablets; and much more!

Plesk Panel CLOSE
Plesk Panel

ViUX® Cloud Hosting offers Parallels® Plesk Panel, which provides a Web Interface by which to control all aspects of Websites and Web Services, including: Databases and Email; as well as, Parallels® Web Presence Builder – to create a Website online in minutes, using any one of hundreds of professional Website Templates.

SSD Cloud Storage CLOSE
SSD Cloud Storage

ViUX® Cloud Hosting is based upon Parallels® Cloud Server (PCS) & ultra-fast SSD Cloud Storage running on Dell Cloud Series (C6220) Servers. Parallels® Cloud Storage (VIDEO) works by pooling all disk drives within each Dell C6220 Server Node into a single large Cloud Storage Cluster with 3-times replication of data – for Reliability, Dynamic Scalability, Failover & Load-Balanced / High-Performance Cloud Hosting.

Sitelock Website Security Solutions CLOSE
Sitelock Website Security Solutions
    Memory (RAM) CLOSE
    Memory (RAM)

    Memory is the primary determining factor of server performance – even more important than CPU... more Memory brings better performance. This is the default (base) amount of Memory allocated to the Dedicated Server; however this amount can be increased on the server configuration page up to the stated maximum value, for an additional fee.

    Processor(s) / CPU CLOSE
    Processor(s) / CPU

    CPU is the amount of processing power (GHz / Cores) for the Dedicated Server... more CPU is better performance. It is second only to Memory as a determining factor of server performance. Dedicated Server CPU can then be allocated as desired to the Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) running thereon.

    Traffic (Data Transfer / Bandwidth) CLOSE
    Traffic (Data Transfer / Bandwidth)

    TRAFFIC – The amount of monthly Traffic (i.e. Data Transfer / Bandwidth) provided for all Websites Hosted within the subscription. Every Website visitor and every Email sent or received results in some amount of Traffic. By default, ViUX® Dynamic Dedicated Servers receive up to 5,000 GB of Traffic (per month) for all Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) running thereon.This amount can be increased by 1,000 GB increments as needed, either on the server configuration page; or later within the control pane.

    Diskspace (Drives) CLOSE
    Diskspace (Drives)

    Diskspace is the amount of storage space available on the main (C:) Drive of the server for all: Files / Folders; Emails; Databases; Logs, etc... starting as a 500GB SATA Disk Drive for a Standard Dedicated Server; or as 20GB of Cloud Storage Cluster Diskspace for a Cloud Dedicated Server. This can be increased to larger and/or faster Disk Drives (including RAID) or more Cloud Storage Cluster Diskspace on the server configuration page, or later in the control panel.

    Linux CLOSE

    Linux CentOS 6.x (64-Bit)  –  Web Server: Apache; Application Servers: PHP, Perl, Java, & Ruby on Rails; Database Server: MySQL. Best for Applications written for "LAMP" Servers.

    Windows CLOSE

    Windows 2008 or 2012 (64-Bit)  –  Web Server: IIS 7.5 / 8.0; Application Servers: PHP, Perl, Java, ASP & ASP.NET; Database Server: MySQL & MS-SQL. | + $50/mo per CPU

    Standard CLOSE

    A Dedicated Server [Standard] is based upon the concept of Operating System (OS) Virtualization, allowing a single OS install to support multiple isolated Virtual Environments. These are called "Containers", which look and work just like a real server from the prospective of the owner (YOU) and your users. The diagram (at right) shows how this looks from the Host Server.

    Premium CLOSE

    A Dedicated Server [Premium] is based upon the concept of Operating System (OS) Virtualization, allowing a single OS install to support multiple isolated Virtual Environments. These are called "Containers", which look and work just like a real server from the prospective of the owner (YOU) and your users. The diagram (at right) shows how this looks from the Host Server.

    Cloud Dedicated Servers CLOSE
    Cloud Dedicated Servers

    ViUX Dedicated Cloud Servers are "Virtual" Dedicated Servers as either Containers or Hypervisors – deployed on our state-of-the-Internet Cloud Hosting System. Dedicated Servers in the Cloud are BETTER than standard Dedicated Servers, because they offer guaranteed resources, PLUS: Resource Bursting; Replication; High-Availability Failover, Easy Backups & Migrations; Ultra Fast SSD Cloud Storage; etc...

    Dedicated Servers CLOSE
    Dedicated Servers

    ViUX Dedicated Servers are Physical / "Bare-Metal" Servers with almost any desired custom configuration. Optionally they can be configured either with a single conventional Operating System (OS) install; or with one to many Virtual Dedicated Servers each running a separate OS of your choosing. Call to request a quote for your specific required configuration, or submit the quote request form online.

      Choose a ViUX Dedicated Server or Next Generation Dedicated Cloud Server...
      Virtual Dedicated Servers in the Cloud for Ultimate Power, Reliability & Control!

      Cloud vs Dedicated Server Comparison

      Cloud Dedicated Servers

      Cost Effective

      Start small, pay for only what you need and upgrade on-demand as your business and needs grow.

      Dynamic Scalability

      Cloud Resources are Dynamic (not fixed), allowing instant bursting for stability when under peak load.

      Automatic Failover

      3-Times Data Replication in our SSD Cloud Storage Cluster for high-availability auto-failover.

      Set-Up & On-boarding

      1 hour, or less...

      Provisioning starts instantly... You can begin using your new Cloud Server in as little as 15 minutes!

      Standard Dedicated Servers

      Power & Resources

      Practically unlimited resource levels to power your ultra high-demand business critical needs.

      Complete Isolation

      A machine that is completely your own... No hardware component are shared with anyone else but you.

      Hardware Customization

      We can deploy a custom hardware setup of your choosing at multiple data-centers around the world.


      up to 3 days...

      Provisioning times vary based upon the specific configuration ordered and available server inventory.

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