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Security Change for MySQL & MS-SQL Default Port Access

by ViUX on 1/22/2013 11:58 AM


If you remotely administer a MySQL or MS-SQL Database hosted on the ViUX network within IP ranges (8.35.33.* & 50.59.103.*), please read the related security change notice below...


Due to repeated and on-going “Brute-Force” Password Hack attempts and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on the default MySQL (3306) and MS-SQL (1433) ports on our network, we were forced to close these ports in the 8.35.33.* and 50.59.103.* IP ranges – in what was going to be a temporary emergency action last week. Details of this action were originally posted to our System Status page - and on our ViUXStatus Twitter feed.

While this was originally to be only a temporary action until the attacks ceased, because these attacks are still being attempted we have decided to make this a permanent policy of keeping the default MySQL (3306) and MS-SQL (1433) ports closed for improved security of our servers and network in the 8.35.33.* and 50.59.103.* IP ranges. For those needing access to these ports for Remote Database Administration, we have two options available for permitting connections…


The first and preferred method is to download and install the FortiGate Secure-VPN Client from our Website and configure it as detailed in the KB Article, which now also relates to MySQL & MS-SQL connections, in addition to RDP & SSH. With a secure VPN connection established you will then have full access to these ports just as before and from any IP Address or device.

The second option is for us to set your connecting IP Address as trusted on our network thereby permitting access only from that specific IP. This second option is best for those with a Static IP Address and/or those that connect only from one location / device and for whom their IP Address does not often change.


In either case, please open a ticket with letting us know of your need for remote MySQL / MS-SQL Database access and we will setup your VPN login credentials or set your IP Address as trusted to give you the required access while keeping our systems and network secure.

For those with a VPS / Private Cloud Server or Dedicated Server, we also provide a third option of changing the default listening port for MySQL / MS-SQL to some alternate port – just as we already offer alternate port access for RDP & SSH connections. This is less secure than the above two options, but may be more convenient for those with a private server.

If none of these options work for your specific needs, please still contact us at: – and we can discuss your situation towards a solution for access that you find acceptable while still preventing abuse and attacks of our network.

Thank you for understanding the need for this change, and we apologize for any inconvenience that it hay have caused for you.

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