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ViUX Launches to Promote Virtual Dedicated Servers as Cloud VPS Containers & Hypervisors

by ViUX on 3/12/2015 10:42 AM

Official Press Release: ViUX Launches to Promote Virtual Dedicated Servers as Cloud VPS Containers & Hypervisors


Cloud VPS Hosting

Today ViUX Systems ( goes live with a new mobile responsive design Website at: - to better promote our Virtual Dedicated Servers as Cloud VPS Containers and Cloud VPS Hypervisors.

So why the need for when ViUX® already has our existing Website at from which we offer Cloud VPS Hosting?

Each day more and more people are becoming aware of "The Cloud"; however this term has come to represent many different things - often causing confusion. As a result, when seeking Dedicated Hosting, customers frequently overlook "Cloud" based offerings in favor of conventional (physical / bare-metal) Dedicated Servers, that are really not much different today than Dedicated Servers offered 10 years ago.

"Many seeking Dedicated Hosting are clinging to the past by going with a regular Dedicated Server and thereby missing out on Virtual Dedicated Servers as Cloud VPS, which are superior in most every way." - J.T. Smith, ViUX Systems

These customers may be aware of Virtual Private Servers (VPS), but in the past VPS were just Virtual Servers running on a single conventional Dedicated Server - with all the same limitations and faults, but often even worse for numerous reasons.

But now VPS meets the Cloud, allowing ViUX to offer what we call "Virtual Dedicated Servers" as Cloud VPS on our state-of-the-Internet Cloud Hosting System based upon Parallels® Cloud Server & SSD Cloud Storage running on Dell® Cloud-Series (6220) Servers.

A Cloud VPS is a Virtual Private Server running on a Cluster of Dedicated Servers and SSD Cloud Storage with load-balancing, replication, auto fail-over, resource bursting, and backups - to create a high-availability Virtual Dedicated Server in the Cloud.

ViUX offers Cloud VPS as Containers (from $15/mo) and Hypervisors (from $60/mo) - running either Linux or Windows Operating System (OS). Each Cloud VPS can be customized to the specific features and resources as needed, and the customer is charged base upon their chosen configuration, which can be easily changed at any time.

The release of by ViUX is meant to better promote and educate customers to the power and many benefits of Cloud VPS Hosting over that of conventional Dedicated Servers.

"We spend a lot of time persuading prospective customers contacting us for a Dedicated Server quote to consider a Virtual Dedicated Server as a Cloud VPS. But offers many different service products, so it becomes a challenge to direct customers to the specific information related to making the best Dedicated Hosting choice." - J.T. Smith

Therefore is meant to be that singular location to which ViUX sales and support personnel can direct customers seeking ViUX Dedicated Hosting.

Further, keeping with current Web trends, is a fully mobile responsive Website that will auto-adjust for best viewing on whatever device / screen size is in use at the time. Additionally, this initial release of will be enhanced in the near future with updated video content.


To celebrate the release of - ViUX is offering a promotion of 20% OFF the selected term length and ZERO Setup Fees for anyone placing a Cloud VPS order from the new site for the remainder of this month. Just enter promo code "CLOUDVPSCOM" at checkout to enable the promotion.

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