Fast & Secure SSD Cloud Servers

  • Build a Private Server (Cloud VPS) in Minutes - via Parallels® Cloud Server
  • Parallels® Container or Hypervisor - Linux or Windows on ultra-fast SSD Cloud Storage
  • Parallels® Plesk Panel; SmarterBundle Adobe® ColdFusion; and much more...



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Why "Share"? Have your own Virtual Private Server (VPS) int the Cloud - best balance between prices and performance.





Ease of Use





1-10 GB


1-10 Ghz


30-300 GB

Resources & Features

Cloud Storage

Virtuozzo® Cloud Server & Ultra-Fast SSD Cloud Storage – Performance, Reliability, Dynamic Scalability & Failover.

Plesk Panel

Optional Parallels® Plesk Panel – Complete control at your fingertips... Web Applications, Websites, Email, etc... with ease!

Introducing Plesk Web Pro

One Click Installation and management of your favorite Content Management Systems

  • Distribute Web, Database & Email
  • Optimized for Performance & Security
  • Complete Customization, Access & Control
  • Guaranteed Resources, Scaling, Failover
  • Free Migrations
  • Managed Updates
  • Odin Plesk Panel

ViUX Systems provides Managed Hosting on Cloud Servers to individuals and businesses of all types and sizes around the world.

The Promise…

Truth in Hosting… ViUX® has a strict NO OVERSELLING policy.

  • No hidden Terms & Conditions to limit your usage
  • Utilize all the resources that you have been promised
  • No marketing ploys or gimmicks to trick you

ViUX Hosting does not resell the same Diskspace, Email Accounts (Mailboxes) and other such resources over and over and over again to countless customers in expectation and hope that most of them will never come anywhere near to using the full amount of resources that they have been promised (sold). Sadly, many Web Hosting Providers do engage in this dishonest and disrespectful practice (called “Overselling”); and many more are fast adopting the same, because they feel that they must do so in order to compete with those that already have.

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