This article was originally written and posted in March of 2014 at the end of the Parallels Summit of that year; however, near the end of 2015, Virtuozzo spun-off from Parallels as a stand-alone company, and ViUX status as 2013-14 Partner of the Year of Parallels continued to be recognized by Virtuozzo. Therefore all references in the original article below to “Parallels” can be replaced with “Virtuozzo” for this reason.

Official Press Release: ViUX Wins Parallels Partner Award for “Regional Partner of the Year (Americas)” at Parallels Summit 2014

ViUX originally began using Parallels software in 2006 when adopting Parallels Business Automation Standard (PBAS) as their billing and hosting automation system; as well as, Parallels Plesk Panel and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC), and later Parallels Server Bare Metal (PSBM) as their control panel and underlying virtualization systems.

In part, ViUX earned this award by being among the first partners to deploy Parallels Cloud Server (PCS – later becoming Virtuozzo), doing so by building an entirely new SSD based Cloud Hosting system and migrating all of their customers over to Virtuozzo & Cloud Storage shortly after last year’s Parallels Summit; while also deploying Parallels Plesk Automation (PPA) for Shared Cloud Hosting.

Further, ViUX has shown innovation in their deployment of Virtuozzo by running Cloud VPS as Containers INSIDE Hypervisors to get Windows VPS Containers onto Virtuozzo Cloud Storage (which is not otherwise supported), resulting in high-performance / fault-tolerant Linux and Windows Virtual Servers as either Containers or Hypervisors (Virtual Machines) – all managed by Parallels Virtual Automation.

“ViUX has been a dependable partner, using the suite of Parallels software to operate a growing Hosting business while providing invaluable feedback along the way,” said John Zanni, Chief Marketing Officer Parallels. “ViUX is focused on making the Cloud work for their customers.”

After winning the award, J.T. Smith, President of ViUX Systems, gave a brief presentation at the Parallels Summit related to their Q2-2013 deployment of Parallels Cloud Server using new Dell Cloud-Series (C6220) servers, which is now the foundation of their entire Cloud Hosting system.

“Parallels is our most important partner, and they have always been there to aid our business, so it is especially nice to be recognized as their Regional Partner of the Year” – J.T. Smith, President ViUX 

This is actually the second time ViUX has won a Parallels Partner Award, having previously been recognized for “Excellence in Shared Web Hosting Services & Parallels Plesk Panel” at the Parallels Summit 2012.