Welcome to ViUX.Hosting – A temporary new beginning for ViUX.com! At this time you will find that ViUX is making simultaneous use of two different Websites and Domains… The original (DotNetNuke) site of the last several years at ViUX.com – and a new (WordPress) site at ViUX.Hosting. This is a temporary transition as we further build out our new WordPress site, upon the completion of which, the original DotNetNuke Website will be taken down – and the primary ViUX.com Domain will replace the temporary ViUX.Hosting Domain on the new Website. For this reason, as you navigate around ViUX.com – you will find that you are taken to ViUX.Hosting for certain pages, until eventually everything will be on ViUX.Hosting before it again becomes ViUX.com. Confused?

There is a method to this madness… Having been in business as ViUX since 2003, ViUX.com has become a rather large site with good Search Engine ranking for many of the pages. But as our focus has shifted from DotNetNuke Hosting on Windows to WordPress Hosting on Linux, we wanted the new version of our Website to be WordPress also. Knowing that it would take many months to re-create and improve our pages into a completely new WordPress site, we are undertaking this temporary two site method to avoid holding back the benefits of the new site from our customers, while also minimizing any loss of Search Engine ranking that could occur from a less graceful transition. This method lets us release pages as they are ready, while also maintaining our Search Engine ranking across Websites and Domains.

But this is not just a change of Websites… As a part of this transition, ViUX is releasing all new versions of our Private Cloud Server and Shared Cloud Hosting Plans… Including for the first time ever in the nearly 15 year history of our company – ViUX will now offer an UNLIMITED Shared Hosting Plan! Many great things are to come from ViUX before the end of the year, as we prepare to release an entirely new Billing and Hosting Automation System in 2018, including several new services. This new Website is just the beginning of the changes and improvements to come from ViUX!