Introducing SmarterTrack

Customer Service Solution

The All-in-One Customer Service Toolkit

SmarterTrack is a powerful help desk application built for tracking, managing, and reporting on customer service and communications, including sales and support issues. It puts all your customer information in one place. Everything you need is available in a single location, making your communication with your customers is efficient, relevant, and personal. With SmarterTrack businesses can also manage employees and company communications at distributed locations around the world from a Web browser.

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From Customer Request to Customer Success

Manage Multiple Sales & Support Channels

SmarterTrack brings all your customer communication channels to one place— be it in the form of an E-Mail Ticket, a Live Chat query or even a Phone Call. SmarterTrack offers a complete ticketing system and lets you manage tasks, all in one place.

Reduce friction with software that’s designed to increase speed and efficiency—and turn your team of agents into experts.

Act with Intelligence

Customize your reports and get insights into the metrics that matter the health of your customer base and how it affects your business. Get a bird’s eye view of that enable you to act with intelligence.

Self-Service Portal

Your resources should be available, even when you’re not. With a complete knowledge base, user community and more, information is readily available for your customers 24/7/365.

Task Management

Spend more time completing tasks and less time managing them! Use SmarterTrack to manage an efficient process for company projects and individual agent deadlines by organizing, assigning and prioritizing tasks, all in one centralized and easy-to-access location.

Make It Your Own

You can easily customize your service portals with custom CSS, colors and logos to make them uniquely your own. You can also provide customers with unique experiences across every company, product, division or brand by customizing multiple portals separately. Your customers get exactly what they’re looking for with no confusion.

Extend with API & Web Services

SmarterTools is designed to be flexible because no two businesses are exactly alike. Having an extensive API means that third-party developers can build integration modules for their own applications or other popular products and services. View the documentation.

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