ViUX is a major reseller of SmarterMail Software Licenses from SmarterTools, so instead of burring this offering within our main Website solely at: – we decided to make use of a General Top-Level Domain (gTLD) of: http://SmarterMail.Software – to better promote this offering. But despite our best efforts to date, the vast majority of both new and repeat orders come from the SmarterMail page within, instead of from the stand-alone site at: SmarterMail.Software.

In fact, trying to direct customers to SmarterMail.Software when speaking with them by phone, can require repeating the gTLD Domain as many as 6 times or more. Inevitably, customers want to add “WWW.” to the beginning, but even worse, they almost insist upon adding “.COM” to the end – resulting in an incorrect entry of “WWW.SmarterMail.Software.COM”. We have to specifically tell customers, “go to SmarterMail.Software with no WWW at the front and no .COM or anything else at the end – just enter only SmarterMail.Software and hit enter”… And even this has to be repeated more than once, or “.COM” will most certainly get added to the end.

The conclusion? Despite gTLD Domains having been available and around for years, “.COM” remains KING of the Internet Domain mindset. Surely this must change at some point in the future, but it does not appear to be anywhere around the corner. Keep this in mind when trying to leverage a “.ANYTHING” gTLD Domain.

Our work around? We have created: – as a redirect to: – that we will soon forward to: http://SmarterMail.Software. This will allow us to get customers to this desired gTLD Domain destination without having to repeat it several times, as no one has a problem with “” – which works fine even if they add “WWW.” to the front.