Great new things are on the horizon for ViUX Hosting! As previously posted, in the months to come, ViUX Hosting will deploy a new hosting system based upon HSPcomplete (now Parallels Business Automation Standard) and Plesk, both running inside Virtuozzo – all from SWsoft (now Parallels).

HSPcomplete is the backend provisioning, billing, and automation system that controls, both Plesk and Virtuozzo. In addition to the Shared, Shared Reseller, and Dedicated Windows hosting services that we already provide… using HSPcomplete, Plesk, and Virtuozzo – ViUX Hosting will be able to add: Shared, Shared Reseller, and Dedicated hosting on the Linux OS, as well as, both Windows and Linux VPS (Virtual Private Servers) – in addition to many other great new features and services!

The setup will be a single Linux (CentOS 4.x) control server running Virtuozzo to create virtual (VPS) Linux instances into which HSPcomplete will be installed on one instance and BIND (for primary DNS – NS1) will be installed on another.

The initial deployment will be “Split Shared” Windows hosting servers with Virtuozzo installed to create (from 1 to 5) virtual (VPS) instances per server – into which Plesk will be deployed. Each VPS configured in this manner will support up to 100 domains and the number of VPS instances per server will depend on the level of hardware and available resources (w/1 minimum – 5 maximum per server).

In this “Split Shared” deployment, stability, as well as, performance is increased even in the case of a server with the maximum 5 VPS instances, running 100 domains in each instance – because the server functions as 5 individual servers running 100 domains each, instead of 1 server running 500 domains. Each VPS instance can even be rebooted without taking down the other instances. Even in the event that some issue were to take place, an entire VPS instance can be “pushed” to another Virtuozzo server on the network with only about 30 to 60 seconds of downtime for the sites hosted therein.

Once all of our existing Windows shared hosting customers (and sites) are migrated over to the new “Split Shared” system under Plesk and Virtuozzo, and we have given those customers time to get acquainted with the new systems… we will then start to release new services (as listed above) – one at a time. More information is soon to come about additional new systems and services.