ViUX Systems Status

ViUX Hosting attempts to maintain 100% Uptime of our Network, our Servers, and related Systems / Services. While 100% Uptime is our goal, we Guarantee 99.9% Uptime of the Systems upon which your Website / Database and E-mail availability depends. For more details, please see our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. If you are currently experiencing Website, Email, or other Service issues, the resources and links below will allow you to ascertain the current status of our Network / Systems and details about any emergency / un-Scheduled or Scheduled Maintenance. In the absence of a cause for your issue found here, please visit our Support Center for troubleshooting steps; or you may Submit a Ticket to our Support Dept.

Visit the ViUX™ [Scheduled Maintenance] Forum (recent postings below), for details of Network / Server Maintenance. ViUX has regular Scheduled Maintenance (as needed) between 11 PM to 3 AM EST (-5 GMT) on Fri., Sat., and/or Sun. nights.

ViUX uses Twitter to communicate news, special promotions, updates, and other important information to our customers, including system / service related notices. Listed below are the most recent “Tweets” under our [viuxstatus] account. If there is a current outage the details will be listed below, as well as, on the ViUX Status Twitter page. We invite you to follow [viux] and/or [viuxstatus] on so that you are always up to date on information about ViUX Systems. This page will auto-refresh every 3 minutes.