As a valued ViUX™ customer we offer you the opportunity to make full use of your account for 30 days WITHOUT ANY RISK! If at any time during the first 30 days of service, you find that you are dissatisfied with our service(s), we will issue A FULL 100% REFUND OF THE AMOUNT PAID, INCLUDING SETUP FEES (if any). The only exclusions to this offer are any fees that may be imposed for over usage, (i.e. going over allocated traffic, disk space, etc…), and domain registration(s).

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: (Effective: 1/1/2008)

  30-Day Trail Period / Money Back Guarantee
  Zero Risk / “No Questions Asked” Refund Policy
  100% Refund Guarantee (Refund of All Money Paid)
  Refunds Issued Within 48 Hours of Cancellation
  Funds Refunded Back to Original Payment Method

Exceptions / Exclusions:

  New Domain Name Registration Costs (Domain Registration are non-refundable)
  Overage Fees (Over-usage of Traffic, Disk Space, etc…)

What makes the ViUX Money Back Guarantee so special?

The majority of Web Hosting companies offer only a partial “30-Day Money Back Guarantee”. They either do not refund setup fees, fees for certain add-on services, or they do not refund the current months charge. Even worse, some charge a “cancellation” fee, or simply do not honor their “Money Back Guarantee” at all!

With ViUX, you can rest assured that you will receive a 100% refund of all fees paid, including setup fees (if any) – if you request your money back within the first 30-days of service. As it is our goal to satisfy each and every customer, in the rare circumstance where we fail to do so… it is NOT our desire to try to profit from failure by giving you anything less than 100% of what you have given us! For more information, read our Terms of Service (TOS), where we fully state our policy to refund 100% of your money upon cancellation within the first 30 days of service.