ViUX™ offers its customers a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee! This means that within any given calendar month you can expect no more than 43.2 minutes of accumulated downtime of our network or the server(s) providing services for your Website(s). Most of any such downtime would take place within announced maintenance windows that normally take place between the hours of 11 PM and 3 AM EST on Friday, Saturday or Sunday late night. Such maintenance windows are used to install software updates, security patches, and to carry out other server and network health practices, which promote our ability to maintain 99.9% uptime.

ViUX™ has a proven record of maintaining above 99.9% uptime for our servers and network during each calendar month, which is monitored from remote locations (both internationally and domestic), by an independent third party source(s).

ViUX™’s 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: (Effective: 8/1/2004)

We can offer a genuine 99.9% Uptime Guarantee because we have invested in brand name reliable servers and network equipment, quality network and server monitoring systems, redundant backup systems, and have hired professional and experienced engineers and server administrators who can anticipate potential problems, before they become emergencies.

The strength of our infrastructure and support systems make it possible for ViUX™ to offer a genuine 99.9% Uptime Guarantee covering all Websites hosted on our network / servers. Subject to the terms of our Service Level Agreement (SLA), a customer’s Website will be up and available at least 99.9% of the time in any given calendar month, or the customer will receive a credit applied against future service charges. To assist you with understanding our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee we have developed a list of common related questions and answers. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is also included below.

>> SLA   ( Service Level Agreement & Uptime Guarantee Credit Policy )

>> TOS   ( Legal Agreement / Terms of Service )

Because Website availability is essential to mission-critical hosting, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is designed to protect our customers from unscheduled outages, by providing remedies in terms of real account credits should an outage occur. While we make every effort to achieve 100% uptime, this does not mean that your site will be available 100% of the time. No web host can absolutely and honestly state that they will provide 100% availability because: all servers must be rebooted occasionally; preventative maintenance performed; networks and servers consist of hardware and software which may occasionally fail; etc.

You would be well advised to carefully review the “Uptime Guarantees” of your host. You may find that their guarantee relates only to the network and not to actual servers or services. You may also find that a failure on their part to maintain the stated uptime does not incur any actual penalties; therefore they have nothing to lose by stating a “100% Uptime Guarantee”.

Network uptime guarantees refer to the entire network of the web host both internally and externally (LAN AND WAN). If you read closely, many of our competitors who offer 99.9%+ uptime guarantees refer only to their network and not to their individual web servers. Therefore, if one server goes down and the rest of their network is running fine, customers would not receive any credits or refunds, as this would not be considered a “network” failure. We believe this practice is neither ethical nor fair. That is why our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee is fully applicable to our network, individual servers, and the services therein. We invite you to closely compare our guarantee with others and you will see the benefit of choosing ViUX™ as your reliable web hosting provider.

Be sure to do comparisons with other web host’s uptime guarantees, and unlike many of them, you will clearly see that ours is genuine and not marketing hype. We mean what we say and back it up with real guarantees. The best web hosting companies offer uptime guarantees to their customers but not all that offer guarantees are the best web hosts. Some, such as ViUX™, back the guarantee with real credits or refunds, but be advised that many do not. You should ask yourself… What good is a guarantee, if there is no penalty or loss on the part of the web host for failing to maintain their stated uptime percentage!?!

99.5% Uptime Guarantee = Up to, 216 minutes of accumulated downtime monthly.
99.8% Uptime Guarantee = Up to, 86.4 minutes of accumulated downtime monthly.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee = Up to, 43.2 minutes of accumulated downtime monthly.
99.99% Uptime Guarantee = A mere, 4.32 minutes of downtime monthly.
99.999% Uptime Guarantee = Only, 0.432 minutes (26 seconds) of downtime monthly.
100% Uptime Guarantee = Zero downtime.

You should be careful when choosing a host that offers anything less than 99.8% uptime or anything more than 99.9% uptime. If less than 99.8%, it is likely that the host does not have adequate systems or expertise to maintain a stable hosting environment. If more than 99.9%, it is almost certain that the fine print of their guarantee allows for massive amounts of downtime (even for reason under their direct control) while still claiming compliance (this is also true of many hosts offering 99.9% uptime). We have found that our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee provides us with a reasonable amount of time each month to maintain and service our systems, while still providing the mission-critical services that our customers expect to receive for their hard earned money.

We have been involved in the web hosting industry since 1997 and have seen many of our competitors come and go. Many web hosting companies fail because they are not committed to taking great care of their customers. If a web host has nothing to lose when your site is down, then their commitment and speed in restoring your site may not be as best possible.

In reality, an uptime guarantee may only mean a small refund or account credit for you, but if your web host is refunding or crediting every client on a server $5 – $25, this could mean significant financial losses for them. For example, we have a server maximum of no more than 150 sites per Shared Hosting Server (SHS). If one of our SHS Servers went down, and we took our time in getting it back up, that could translate to a loss of between $750 to $3,750 for the month on that server alone (assuming the server was not restored in a timely manner). Obviously it is in our best interest to get the troubled server up and running as fast as possible. Not that such an incentive would be our sole reason for acting quickly, as we are committed to providing excellent customer service.

ViUX™’s network, our servers, and each of the services / components hosted therein, are all monitored internally every 60 seconds via our own monitoring systems, as well as, externally up to every five minutes (both Internationally and domestic). In the event of a network, server, or service outage (including conditions such as slow response times, high CPU utilization, etc.), our Hostmaster Team is sent an alert to each persons PDA / Cell Phone and/or pager. The alert tells us the component and/or server ID, the nature of the failure, the time that the failure took place, the result of auto-recovery efforts (were applicable). These alerts are repeated every 5 minutes until recovered. This system allows us to quickly correct problems that may have otherwise gone unnoticed for long periods of time. Use of both internal and external monitoring also gives us peace of mind knowing that we can meet and exceed our stated Uptime Guarantee.

We are in the web hosting business… not the insurance business. Our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee is in NO WAY to be interpreted as an insurance product. Since the maximum amount of credits that can be applied to any web hosting account is the actual amount paid by the customer per month, quarter, or year… then obviously it is not sufficient to “cover” any damages caused by a server or network outage. We recognize that Websites cost money to develop, as well as maintain, and business / e-commerce sites can experience a significant loss of sales and income when an outage occurs. We do NOT however offer any compensation for these types of losses as stated in our Terms of Service (ToS). It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain their own site backups at all times and if deemed necessary, obtain insurance products from reputable insurance providers to cover any loss of business or sales resulting from an outage of their Website(s).